SilicaItem QML Type

A visual item. Подробнее...

Строка импорта: import Sailfish.Silica 1.0
Наследуется от: Item
Наследники: SilicaControl


Подробное описание

SilicaItem provides a base type for Sailfish-styled visual types.

Silica items which are part of a type extending SilicaControl will inherit their color palette and highlighted from the control allowing them to update their appearence in concert with the control without setting up and further bindings.

Описание свойств

highlighted : bool

Specifies whether an item should appear highlighted.

By default an item will be highlighted when a control it is a member of is highlighted.

palette : Palette

The item's color palette.

If one or more of a parent control's {SilicaControl::palette}{palette} colors have been overridden those changes will be reflected here. Otherwise the values will follow the equivalent Theme color properties.